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PROJETOS | projects


curadoria de Mario Gioia | curated by Mario Gioia

Galeria Mamute, 10 de novembro de 2022, Porto Alegre, Brasil

Mamute art Gallery, november 10th of 2022. Porto Alegre, Brazil

Mole é uma matéria que tem corpo e por isso pesa. Sonhei sobre algo que se suspende a si mesmo enquanto engole a massa da qual se constitui. Movimentos de outras matérias fazem uma cena confusa onde se descobrem descargas de cor e luz. Quando acordei anotei este sonho em desenhos, como fragmentos do que senti, ou do que lembrava e fantasiava a partir daquilo. Então, a ideia destas pinturas, que vem dos desenhos, é estudar as possibilidades de tradução disso em uma superfície. Portanto como pode existir em uma imagem uma sensação de qualquer pessoa que vem a encontrá-la. Assim tentando criar novos sentimentos para o corpo que contém todas estas experiências.


Soft is a mater with a body and therefore weights. I have dreamt of something that suspends itself whilst swallows the matter that constitutes itself. Movements of other matters built a confusing scene where colour and light discharges are discovered. When I awoke from this dream I drew it, took note of it, as if fragments of what I felt or of what I remembered or fantasised as of that. Then, the idea for these paintings, that come from the drawings, is to exercise their possibility of translating this on surface. Therefore how can a feeling from any person that might encounter exist in an image. In this way trying to create new feelings for bodies, which is what contains all these experiences.


dissertação de mestrado ECA/USP | MA in ECA/USP

orientação de Marco Garaude Giannotti | advised by Marco Garaude Giannotti

comissão de avaliação Veronica Stigger e Nico Rocha

ECA/USP, 5 de dezembro de 2022, São Paulo, Brasil

ECA/USP, december 5th of 2022, São Paulo, Brazil

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 17.51.18.png

The Veladuras research project, presented as a master’s dissertation, is an exhibit proposition of abstract paintings and drawings. It’s progress is documented on a text, that is a memorial composed by essayist writing. The reaserch is based on thinking the body as a field for experience and positioning fiction, or tragedy, as a conductor for such. Stain, line and color are elements brought as articulators in between subject and object. Writing brings yet another layer, one concerning transparency, absence and meaning as they’re explored conceptualy, leaning on Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenological

theory. Key Words: Painting and Drawing; Writing; Transparency; Tragedy; Body;

Phenomenology; Poetic Practice.

2020_1 _ Camila Elis _ Ate em lados opostos do universo i _ desenho.jpg

A part of Einsteisn quantum theory, the 'spooky action at a distance' mas a object of study in these drawings. They are a methaphor, or an ideia of fantasy. Are about materiallity and imateriallity when the structures dissolve and open space. The artist nas tought abou the possibility of something affect some other thing, even on opposite sides of the universe, and we don't know how, or way, such effect has become. 


exposição em residência artística Linha

solo exhibit in the artistic residency Linha

Linha, outubro de 2019, Porto Alegre, Brasil

| Linha, october of 2019, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The solo exhibit Dauthters of attrition happened pararel to the the solo exhibit that happende that same year and same moth Of the soul and suspender things at Mamute art gallery. Even being radically different the two solo shows were about essencial subjects of the artists research. The interest in suspending the structures, interest on materiallity, and interest for the relations between space, object and people apear in both exhibitions. However here the relevance regarding studies on the body are seen, importanty because it is a show of drawings. A wall of notes and random drawings pretended to translate fisical feelings into grafical images. Another wall with two large drawings one red and black on mil paint. Shereded glass spread through out the floor of the gallery alerted to movement. The natural light in the space of the gallery refleted on the walls and the works. Daughters of Attrition was abut process and about study. 



curadoria de Bruna Fetter | curated by Bruna Fetter

Galeria Mamute, 5 de outubro de 2019, Porto Alegre, Brasil

| Mamute art Gallery, october 5th of 2019, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 15.22.29.png

What is sought with these works is to think about interactive systems between objects, people, things, ambients. the abstract and fantasised. Which elaborate a form of constructed reality located in a space-time of not compromised memory, discovery, senses and sentiments. What is to say question the limits of images, experiences and the body in relation to a contemporary artistic practice.

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